Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Reservation

A room reservation is only valid after the reservation has been accepted by Bed N Business Bordeaux. Confirmation of the reservation is at the discretion of Bed N Business Bordeaux.

By making a reservation, you agree to receive emails from Bed N Business, which may include:

  • A confirmation email, which will be sent by Bed N Business Bordeaux before the date of your arrival. It summarises the terms of the reservation contract, the services reserved and the prices and conditions relating to the rate choice. This email will contain a link to our digital welcome booklet, giving you access to all the information and services that we have selected for you to enjoy a perfect stay in Bordeaux.
  • An email containing the QR code to download to your smartphone or to print out, which will give you access to the guesthouse as well as to your room up on the date of your arrival. This email may contain complementary information on your destination (weather, local events, etc.) and relevant offers for your stay (including offers from partners of Bed N Business Bordeaux).
  • An email subsequent to your stay, inviting you to follow us on social media and to leave your feedback on our website or a partner site.
  • By accepting these terms and conditions, you also agree to receive a quarterly newsletter in accordance with L34-5 of the French Postal and Electronic Communications Code, which will contain an unsubscribe link in the footer of the newsletter. You will therefore be able to unsubscribe automatically at any time if you no longer wish to receive our newsletter.
  • We promise to not pass on your email address to any partner and to share a client list with the CNIL (French National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties) following simplified standard NS-048.

Payment terms

Your bank card details are required to be submitted on the Bed N Business Bordeaux website in order to guarantee your reservation and to proceed to full payment for your stay. We do not store any bank details on our website; such information is kept on a dedicated secure platform: PayLine (trusted third-party payment management agent). To protect and encrypt the data of your bank card when they transit our website, the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security standard is used as part of our service provision. All bank transactions are carried out via the Payline platform.

Handover of the QR code to access your room

A unique QR code will be sent to you by email when you book through our website. This email is usually sent immediately after you make your booking. The QR code will also be texted to you on the day before your stay.

If you have not received your codes, please call us on +33 7 72 30 40 22.

Guarantee and cancellation of the reservation

In the event of damage to and/or theft from the property, Bed N Business Bordeaux reserves the right to debit the costs incurred from your credit card. A bank guarantee will be required at the time of your booking.

Cancellation by the Client (if the Client has informed Bed N Business Bordeaux of the cancellation by email):

Cancellation Policy:

  • Non-cancellable and non-refundable rate:
    No refund possible

Right of withdrawal

In compliance with the provisions of article L.221-2 of the French Consumer Code and considering the nature of the services provided, it is expressly stated that the Client does not have the right to withdraw.

The rental contract is therefore concluded definitively from the time that the reservation is placed by the client in accordance with the terms specified in the terms and conditions.

Curtailed stay

If the stay is cut short before the scheduled date of departure, the stay initially scheduled will be payable in full.

The invoice that we issue at the end of your stay may be used, if necessary, to claim compensation (through your Blue Card insurance or other travel insurance, in the event of sickness or any other serious event covered by your insurance).

Prices and physical address of the stay

Prices are indicated in euros, including taxes. A tourist tax is also included, which is not subject to VAT.

The rates cover the provision of hotel linen, toiletries, reception and a cleaning service from third night.

The rates also include room insurance (water damage, fire, broken windows).

The rates do not include:

  • Any other supplementary service, as well as paid service provisions offered by Bed N Business Bordeaux (for example: extras, mini bar, etc.).
  • Insurance of the residents’ property: luggage, jewellery and other valuables. Please contact your insurer before your arrival.

The premises for your stay are available from 5 pm on the day of your arrival. On the day of your departure, the check-out time depends on the room occupancy, but no later than 11 am.

Reservations are subject to availability.

24-hour digitised reception

with automated self-service check-in and self-service check-out in a defined time slot.

Open the door to your room with your smartphone using a QR code.
Private, simple and easy to use.

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